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"Uniform" is the way to create strong brand. There're a lot type of uniform like hat, badge, shirt etc. Nametag is a uniform too. Good nametag can classify our employee to division

It is unnecessary to use uniform but uniform had a lot of power. One power that worthy is to tell customer how we care about service.

Lot of nametag was create by Proncharoen such as ...

Stainless steel Show/Hide

Desktop Nametag
Stainless Steel + Etch + Bending Application : Desktop Nametag
Stainless Steel + Etch + Magnetic Application : Nametag

Acrylic Show/Hide

Customizable Nametag
Acrylic + Bending + Silkscreen + Brooch Application : Customizable Nametag
Badge Application : Badge
Badge Application : Badge